Select automates supplier negotiations.

If you are a buyer who is under pressure to deliver better results but lack time, Select can help immediately. To see Select in action, click the YouTube icon at the bottom of the page.

Save time

Select automates the distribution of requests for proposal to vendors. Select also collects vendor responses, qualifies them, and takes care of vendor feedback. At the end of the negotiation, Select reports the results in a comprehensive, standard format.

More buyer power

Select includes a directory with thousands of categorized vendors. Suggested vendors from the directory are communicated to the buyer. Because the negotiation is automated, adding vendors does not mean more work for the buyer. It does, however, maximize the chance of better negotiation results.

Fully transparent results

With Select's post negotiation report, buyers finalise the vendor selection instantly. The report models multi-vendor best price and single-vendor selection scenarios. Also included are, vendor compliance with non-price requirements, and vendor comments.